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gif of megumi i made..XD

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with photoshop...comment what you think

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my fav characters from anime ^_^

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megumi from shiki!

cirno from touhou project!

gumi the vocaloid!

my new charrie for shiki :)

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Name: Yua Wakahisa

Age: 17

Status: Deceased (Risen)

Gender: Female


Hair: Long lavender hair that has an ice blue gradient. She ties it into two low pigtails and has sideswept bangs that come down around the sides of her face.

Eyes: When she was human her eyes were an amber-orange colour with an olive green ring around her pupil.

Skin: A pale porcelain colour. She has no blemishes or marks but has a faded scar on her right shoulder.

Body type: Slightly taller than average (About 173cms tall) but average weight. Has a slightly 


Top: A peachy-orange gothic corset with black lace across the bustline and down the sides. The peach fabric has a floral print in a slightly lighter color.

Bottoms: Torn black jean shorts and a silver studded belt.

Shoes: Black leather platform boots with steel soles and studs that match her belt.

Accessories: Black tattoo choker with a blood red teardrop pendant, studded bracelets on both her wrists and black lace garters decorated with small bows the same color as her corset. She also ties her hair with black ribbon.


Likes: Cats, gothic clothes, video games, horror stories, cool people

Dislikes: Rude people, people that are mean to her friends, people that judge others based on their looks, crosses

Personality: Yua comes off as being very apathetic and cold. She's a master at keeping a pokerface and barely ever shows her emotions. However despite her unwelcoming exterior she is very nice to everybody and will only kill if she absolutely needs to. 

Other: When she was alive she had a pet cat named Mikan that was black with green eyes.

just a cool picture of megumi ^_^

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shes so fashionable even though shes dead XD